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Cloak & Wand Grand Opening

Prepare to be bewitched by Olde Mistick Villages newest addition, The Cloak and Wand, where witches, wizards, and non-magic folk of all ages can indulge in all things magic.

With its grand opening happening on May 1, 2021, The Cloak and Wand in Olde Mistick Village is sure to draw a crowd. Owner Ellie Greenberg, who also operates the popular shop Alice in the Village, is bringing The Cloak and Wand to life by providing a unique and interactive experience for all to enjoy. Customers can shop for magical items like wands, books, and apparel while also deepening their understanding of potions and spells with knowledgeable staff on hand to assist.

Greenberg noted, “Some of the staff [members who] work at [the] Cloak and Wand are specialists in different types of magic – including time travel, potion brewing, fortune-telling and dark magic. They’ll be available to help answer any questions!”

Customers will be transported back in time once they step foot in Greenberg’s newest shop. Upon entering, guests will immediately be drawn to a large “witching tree” which sits in the center of the shop and is surrounded by various portraits and knick knacks that may or may not
be haunted. A potion bar is also featured in the shop providing enchanting elixirs that are brewed-to-order and include locally sourced ingredients. Apart from their own goods, licensed merchandise will also be available for purchase from Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Hocus Pocus franchises to name a few.

“We respect and admire wizards and witches from across the world and throughout time and strive to represent them all in our shop,” Ellie Greenberg said.

The Cloak and Wand’s doors will open at 10am on Saturday May 1st. Fun activity sheets will be passed out to those waiting in line. It is truly a one stop shop for the witch or wizard in your life.

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